Cornelian cherry jam

Cornelian cherry , sugar, and water 
Carbohydrates - 62 mg 
Vitamin C - 7 mg 
Energy value - 248 kcal 
Target Temperature Range: - 0 - + 20० C The level of moisture content should not exceed 75% 2 years from production date

This fruit is used in the treatment of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, cold, and flu, and additionally, it serves to lower body temperature.  The wild cornelian cherry which spreads around the forests is more useful than other fruits.  Meanwhile, different products made up of this fruit are equally healthy.  In the folklore language, a cornelian cherry is popularly known as a medical pharmacy not only as an element but also for its medical benefits. Likewise, it’s among the most recommended foods for women with menstrual disorders and is known as one of the most commonly utilized foods during male infertility.  It is considered a fundamental nutrient during pregnancy in order to accelerate the renewal and regeneration of tissues and organs in the human body.  Hence, it is consumed for fever and colds.  Moreover, the elements of cornelian cherry give very positive results while back and knee pain, and furthermore, it normalizes blood pressure and is applied in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.