Crataegus juices

Crataegus juice, sugar, water
Carbohydrates- 11.7 mg
Vitamin C-200 mg Energy value - 48 kcal
Target Temperature Range: 0 - + 20० C 2 years from production date
It should be stored 48 hours in the refrigerator after opening.
Natural sedimentation is possible. 

This fruit, unlike other fruits, is a source of polyphenols and contains antioxidants to neutralize radicals that entered the body during smoking and improper diet in the human body. What’s more, it is beneficial for asthma, diabetes, heart disease, skin sagging that occurs during aging and used against inflammation due to its anti-infective properties. Sometimes it is applied in the treatment and prevention of many diseases that occur during chronic inflammation.  Additionally, it can be used in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases because it decreases blood pressure.  This fruit is a dietary food because it lowers the amount of cholesterol in blood and triglycerides and normalizes metabolism as it participates in the formation of hormones that are crucial for the body.  It's especially advised for use during meals as it normalizes the digestive system and besides, accelerates hair recovery, nourishes hair follicles and additionally, the mentioned fruit is beneficial for the nervous system as it reduces anxiety.