Leaf Khingal

Wheat flour, water, and salt 
Protein- 10.7 gram 
Fat - 1.3 gram 
Carbohydrates-68.4 gram 
Vitamins: B1-0.25 mg , B2-0.08 mg, PP-2.2 mg 
Energy value - 328 kcal 
Target Temperature Range: +4 - + 25० C 1 year from production date 

Leaf Khingal is not only among the most widespread flour products in Asian cuisine but also it is one of the essential meals of Azerbaijani cuisine.  Significantly it is considered the king of meals, especially in cold weather.  The key point is it is convenient for any budget because of its keeping the people full.  The micronutrients and vitamins belonging to its ingredients can easily replace the vitamins found in fruits and vegetables that are not even if available in the winter.  Furthermore, it controls body temperature, increases the body's resistance to cold by evaluating the body temperature on the cold winter days. Khangal is an indispensable food in our kitchen, and that’s why it fits everyone's mouth taste.  Additionally, B vitamins in the body increase blood pressure and normalize blood pressure.  Plus, it is considered to be one of the most common meals used in anemia, and apart from this, it is commended for the mothers who have babies newly as it facilitates the body's recovery and cell renewal.