Peach jam

Peach, sugar, and water 
Carbohydrates - 62 mg 
Vitamin C - 2 mg 
Energy value - 248 kcal 
Target Temperature Range: - 0 - + 20० C The level of moisture content should not exceed 75% 2 years from production date
 Peaches are one of the most calorie-rich fruits and besides, including vitamins C, A, K, E.  It contains a rare element called Niacin along with manganese, copper, and plus, a peach which prevents the formation of tumors in the human body.  Especially, it comes highly recommended for people who experience allergies because it reduces allergy symptoms.  Surprisingly, it is one of the fruits that are easily used in the diet due to containing small amounts of Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, and vitamin B.  Because of being rich in antioxidants, it is resistant to aging and eliminates constipation thanks to its soluble fiber.  Equally, micronutrients activate beneficial bacteria in the human body and then increase the slipperiness of food inside the intestinal tract in the digestive system.  As a result of this, it facilitates digestion. In accordance with Chinese doctors,  peaches are a friend of the stomach and can be included in the list of foods eaten once a day for the prevention of heart disease and restores skin while protecting from ultraviolet rays.