Pear jam

Pear, sugar, and water 
Carbohydrates - 62 mg 
Energy value - 248 kcal 
Target Temperature Range: - 0 - + 20० C The level of moisture content should not exceed 75% 2 years from production date 

Pear is among the most beneficial fruits and contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, organic acids, useful ingredients, and so forth. Next, pear helps to lose weight.  Because of being a rich source of fiber, it provides long-term satiety while preventing the formation of possible cancer cells with anti-carcinogenic properties.  It should be noted, thanks to its antioxidants, it protects the body against colds, flu, and other viral diseases and strengthens bones. For patients with diabetes, doctors recommend including pears in their diet.  Obviously, it prevents high blood pressure and they are rich in vitamin K which prevents the formation of blood clots in the arteries. Importantly, the pear is used during difficulties of breath and lowers fever.  Pears are a real source of folic acid (vitamin B9) which is very major for the human circulatory system.  Folic acid is also the most important vitamin during pregnancy in order to prevent the development of congenital defects in the fetus.