Plum sauce

Plum , salt , and ground coriander
Carbohydrates- 1.1 gram
Vitamin C - 29 mg
Energy value - 4.4 kcal/18.7 kC
Target Temperature Range: +5 - + 25० C 2 years from production date
It should be stored in the refrigerator after opening.
Shake before opening.
The sauce is used with fish and meat products. 

Initially, it is made up of many vitamins and minerals as fruit and differs from other fruits with fiber supplements. Being the most recommended food in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases makes it more advantageous than other foods. The key point, plum has  15 various vitamins and minerals. Then, it contains one of the rare vitamins called vitamin K which is also pretty hard to produce it in the laboratory condition. Besides being a high-calorie substance, plums are rich in carbohydrates and it is very popular as a fruit that is good for constipation and intestinal obstruction. It should be noted that any product of plum is very useful in this sense. Another key point, its fiber content is particularly beneficial for the digestive system. On the positive side, vitamins in plum called vitamin K, Phosphorus, and Magnesium protect and strengthen bones. In this case, it is recommended for children who are experiencing a period of bone development. Along with being a high-calorie substance, plums are a real source of carbohydrates.  In most cases, it is considered an extreme food due to its extremely distinctive benefits.