Strawberry jam

 Strawberry, sugar, and water
Carbohydrates-62 gram Vitamin C - 9 mg
Energy value - 248 kcal / 1050 kC
Target Temperature Range: - 0 - + 20० C
The level of moisture content should not
exceed 75% 2 years from the production date 

Initially, if you take a look at the infinite healing power and health benefits of strawberries, undoubtedly, you will get surprised a lot. Uniquely, due to the powerful regeneration ability, strawberry forms the basis of our dietetic foods. Additionally, strawberry is not only rich in vitamin C but also beneficial for wrinkles on the skin. That’s why it is necessary to consume the strawberry during its season to take enough vitamin C. Moreover, strawberry is a fundamental nutrient that is applied in the treatment and prevention of the illness called cataracts for old people or adults. Ellagic acids are taken into consideration as phytochemicals are especially useful in the dissolution of cancer tumors. Equally significant, strawberry contains collagen to increase skin elasticity and it is one of the two most indispensable foods used in weight management and control.